Flitter is the main cryptocurrency that makes up Coin Friend, a cryptocurrency platform.
Flitter is circulated in the Coin Friend ecosystem consisting of Metagate, a cryptocurrency transfer hub, a mobile wallet UC PAY, and a store AnyPOS for payment.

Make up the Coin Friend ecosystem through which Flitter flows smoothly!
Easy transaction,
     Easy payment!
Easy transaction, Easy payment!
Manage various types of coins in one place!
You can easily operate various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
It boasts a user-friendly design and easy to use.
Coin transactions between individuals can be easily and quickly
without knowledge of cryptocurrency.
More details on UC PAY
Low fees,
    Esay Ttransfer!
Low fees, Esay transfer!
You can open a bank account at Metagate and use cryptocurrency in the real economy!
It is linked with UC PAY for easy asset management.
Financial services such as overseas remittance and currency exchange
can be handled conveniently.
More details on Metagate
Being more than technology,
adding convenience to life
New coin life
Coin Friend is made up of UC PAY for Flitter payments,
Metagate, for easy overseas remittance and currency exchange,
VISA card, for direct payment at merchants around the world,
And AnyPOS for offline stores.
Coin Friend
IMPRIME dreams of a future that creates a new culture
by changing users' lifestyles pleasantly and conveniently through Coin Friend.
Blockchain-based cryptocurrency
Flitter is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.
You can be acquired through animing game,
In addition to personal financial transactions using the UC PAY app.
You can also pay in offline stores by charging with points.
The characteristic of only Flitter is high usability by providing simple and convenient financial services.
Initiation of Asset Management,
a cryptocurrency wallet UC PAY
UC PAY is an mobile wallet that stores cryptocurrency and at the same time is an application
that allows offline store payment with the coin, Flitter.
You can manage Flitter and various coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
and you can also use UC PAY to transfer tokens between individuals, make cryptocurrency payments, convert points, and manage NTF assets.
UC PAY, along with Metagate, serves as an important hub for financial functions that enable cryptocurrency to be used in the real economy.
You can run the UC PAY app after completing the new registration process.
When you login, you can check your points, card balance,
and cryptocurrency assets at a look.
You can check your cryptocurrencies such as Flitter, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.
Point Payment
You can make a payment as points by scanning the store’s QR code
with the camera in UC PAY.
Card Charging
You can use it offline by recharging the card as the amount of you want.
Coin Transfer
You can trade coins easily and conveniently such as Flitter, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.
Merchant Search
You can use your points like cash at the store.
Find a store that accepts payment through a merchant search.
A game app
for acquiring cryptocurrency Flitter
AnyMining is a GPS location-based augmented reality game.
Based on the current user location, ‘Doodi’, a mole character of AnyMining, Appears on the map, and
‘Mining Spots’ where coins are planted, are displayed around Doodi.
If a Mining Spot is visible on the map, the user can move towards the spot and play a digging game.
Complete digging, find the hidden coin, and Flitter will Enter the user’s electronic wallet.
Map screen
Doodi is the character of AnyMining.
Mining spots appear based on a user location.
If you see a mining spot, make move there and try mining!
Game screen
When the game starts, touch the target points
That appear randomly on the screen.
Quickly and accurately, the closer you touch to the red spot
The gauge bar will fill faster.
Results screen
Check how many coins you just mined.
However, there are also blanks so don’t be disappointed and try mining harder.
POS app for stores
For the offline payment of Flitter
AnyPOS is a POS app for stores for the offline payment of Flitter and can be used only at stores that have partnered with IMPRIME LIMITED.
Stores can use the AnyPOS app to see if the coin payment was processed normally and manage the transaction history by date.
Additionally, coins received from customers can be enchased through the balance settlement function.
Real-time coin payment possible
Real-time coin payments are possible when regular customers use the UC PAY app in offline stores, and the stores use the AnyPOS app.
To acquire more customers, various payment methods must be introduced into the stores.
Introduce Flitter payment which contributes more to generating sales than card and point payments.
Login screen
Login or sign up to run the AnyPOS app.
Payment screen
This is a screen to be used if there UC PAY QR Code is not put up in the store.
Transaction history screen
You can check transaction details with customers
for each selected transaction dates.
Balance settlement screen
If you press the Settlement button,
you can request settlement to IMPRIME LIMITED for the unsettled coin transaction details.
Once the settlement is complete,
the coins will be encashed and input into the registered store account.
The hub of Coin Friend ecosystem with Flitter
Metagate is a platform that links cryptocurrency and VISA cards.
Users can flexibly operate their currency through Metagate.
By signing up for Metagate, you can open a personal account and view the assets in your account on a web page.
It provides low fees, fast remittance between members, currency exchange service, and transaction history inquiry.
Metagate creates synergy as providing convenient and flexible financial services by linking VISA card and UC PAY.
The card company’s
IMPRIME is the VISA Card headquarters’ White Label Partner.
IMPRIME has the authority to issue VISA Pre-paid Cards,
And can do foreign exchange transactions with Singapore UOB (United Overseas Bank).
IMPRIME’s possible business areas are as follows:
Get Started-
User information registration (KYC)
Issue Card
Issuance of various card designs
printed with the VISA logo
Get Wallet Balance
Provide an integrated wallet
that can hold all points,
cryptocurrencies and 63 currencies of 90 countries
Send Money
90 countries 63 currencies, cryptocurrencies,
points transfer
Crossborder payments
Borderless payments
Convert Money
Free exchange
Manage Card
Card information management
View Transaction History
Card and account transaction history
real-time check
Cash – Cryptocurrency – Point
Integrated wallet
IMPRIME’s integrated wallet is a wallet that can hold 63 currencies of 90 countries,
cryptocurrencies, and various points.
The integrated wallet was linked with the VISA card company and UOB and makes possible for cryptocurrency foreign remittance and encashment.
IMPRIME’s integrated wallet will be the TechFin (Technology + Finance) industry forerunner in which Technology leads Finance.
Flitter goes together with such IMPRIME’s integrated wallet.
90 countries 63 currencies
Various points
Asset check
Cash deposit
Cash withdrawal
Check transaction details
Cryptocurrency overseas remittance model
Cryptocurrency overseas remittance
Cash settlement
Cryptocurrency purchasing/selling model
Cryptocurrency purchasing
Cryptocurrency selling
Flitter token quota
Gathering funding
Funding operation
Quarterly roadmap
  • A patent application :
  • The blockchain system
  • and method on digital currencies transaction
  • Registration of the patent :
  • The blockchain system
  • and method on digital currencies transaction
  • (No. 10-1852935)
  • Partnership with Samsung Electronics
  • Point payment agreement with Point Monster
  • Signed contract with
  • NIUM and Techroo VISA platform
  • MetaGate service open
  • (VISA, Master card linkage)
  • Flitter open in crypto exchange
Flitter White Paper
Flitter’s issuance purpose and cryptocurrency technical information,
Detailed information on the operation ecosystem is included in the white paper.
If you need more information about Flitter, please check our white paper!